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At Camille Canales Group, we passionately champion the dreams of Chicago's first-time homebuyers and sellers. Grounded in our neighborhood's trust, we cultivate a space where clients, community, and collaboration intertwine, making everyone feel at home. We dream big, act swiftly, and adapt to reality with fervor, driven by solutions that tap into Chicago's vast real estate opportunities. Bolstered by a resilient and women-led team, we harness our strengths, bounce back with vigor, and work without ego—always with an unwavering commitment to finding the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for those who share our love for Chicago. With an extensive network of industry professionals and a reputation for excellence, we aim to be the team every agent wants to work with and every Chicagoan trusts for their real estate journey.

Our Roots
Founded in 2021, we've rapidly emerged as a team that dreams big and moves even bigger. As a tight-knit group, we thrive on passion, resilience, and collaboration.

Values & Culture:
Dream Big: We see potential, not limitations.
Move Fast: In the dynamic world of real estate, we stay ahead of the curve.
Learn from Reality: Every experience is a lesson in disguise.
Be Solutions-Driven: Challenges only push us to find innovative solutions.
Obsess About Opportunity: Every door is an entrance to a new prospect.
Collaborate Without Ego: We grow when we grow together.
Maximize Your Strengths: Every individual's strength is our collective power.
Bounce Back with Passion: Resilience is our second nature.
Feel Like Home: Our team is where warmth meets professionalism.

Resources & Support:
Marketing & Listings: Amplify your listings with our team's marketing budget.
Leads & CRM: Participate and produce to tap into a stream of online leads, supported by a robust CRM.
Coaching: Harness the power of industry leaders like Tom Ferry and Compass to elevate your skills.
Mentorship: Learn the ropes by shadowing experienced members and diving into the world of CCG deals.
Technical & Admin Support: Compass Support Staff ensures you never face a technical glitch alone.

Growth & Advancement:
At Team CCG, every member is a cornerstone. Dive into hands-on learning, be it during business hours or while on field during evenings. From shadowing appointments to actively participating in communications, we ensure you grow confident and skilled. We dream not of individual success but a collective triumph.